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Preventive Dentistry at Great Grins for KIDS
Portland, OR

Dr. Fariba showing a young patient how to brush her teeth at Great Grins for KIDS - PortlandJust like your teeth and mouth, the teeth and mouth of your child need special care. This care includes daily care at home as well as professional dental care. However, the needs of little mouths are much different from the needs of an adult mouth. Your child is constantly growing and developing, and so is their mouth. Taking proper care of their mouth helps to ensure that it develops properly. At Great Grins for KIDS - Portland, we can provide your child with the care they need to help keep their mouth happy and healthy.

Brushing and Flossing

Getting your child to brush and floss their teeth can be a major challenge. Even if you can get your child to perform these essential habits, they may rush through to get back to something more fun. Poor brushing habits can greatly increase the risk of your child developing cavities and other oral health issues. We can provide you with tips and tricks on how to get your child to brush and floss every day, and to perform these habits properly, which will help to ensure that their little mouth remains healthy and develops properly.
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Cleanings, Exams, and X-Rays

Just like you, your child needs regular professional dental care. We provide your child with twice-yearly dental cleanings, which help to prevent the development of oral health issues. We also provide twice-yearly dental exams, which allow us to detect the presence of issues in their earliest stages so that we can provide treatment before they can become worse. In addition to visually inspecting their teeth and gums, we take dental X-rays, which help us to see the hidden areas inside the mouth of your child. We can see between their teeth, as well as below their gums. Read More About Cleanings, Exams and X-rays

Fluoride Treatments

While good dental hygiene practices are important for preventing cavities, your child may miss certain areas of their mouth when cleaning, increasing their risk. We can help them to further prevent cavities with fluoride treatments. Fluoride treatments are simple and painless. All we do is apply a fluoride gel to their teeth, and the fluoride absorbs directly into the enamel. It works to remineralize the teeth and protect them against the acid attacks of plaque and bacteria.
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The chewing surfaces of the molars are one of the most difficult areas to keep clean. These areas have deep grooves and crevices that can trap food particles and bacteria. Sealants are a quick, painless treatment that seals the surfaces of the molars, preventing buildup from accumulating in the crevices. In addition to preventing buildup, sealants also make the molars easier for your child to brush.
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Space Maintainers

Sometimes, children lose a baby tooth too early. While this might not seem like a big deal, early loss of a baby tooth can cause developmental issues. The adult tooth may not be able to erupt properly. The other baby teeth may shift out of alignment, which can block the eruption of the adult tooth altogether. To ensure proper development of adult teeth following the premature loss of a baby tooth, we can provide a space maintainer. This device keeps the empty space open and prevents the adjacent baby teeth from shifting out of alignment so that the adult teeth can develop properly.
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For more information on our pediatric preventive services, or to schedule an appointment for your child, call Great Grins for KIDS - Portland today at (971) 470-0054.
My daughter was a little nervous to have her dental work done but everyone in the office was super friendly and very reassuring and that helped her nervousness go away. Thanks for the excellent dental experience. ~ Lilyana G.

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