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Your Child's First Visit at Great Grins for KIDS
Pediatric Dentist - Portland, OR

Pediatric Dentist Portland, ORAt Great Grins for KIDS - Portland, we want every trip that you and your child have to our office to be a positive experience. We understand how stressful the first dental visit can be for a child and are well versed in the arts of calming, reassuring, and helping your child through every step of the process. We want to set them up with the confidence that they will need to continue keeping their teeth happy and healthy. We want to make sure that you know what to expect on your first visit to our office, so below you will find some helpful information.

The First Step

When you arrive to our office you can expect to be greeted by one of our front desk staff who will be happy to help you through the process of signing in. First time sign-ins usually involve a bit of paperwork, but we will be happy to help you with any portion of it. Some of the forms included will be the new patient registration and medical and dental history forms so that we can be made aware of any and all pertinent dental history.

What Your Child Can Expect

Once everything has been filled out we will greet your child and take them back to meet the staff and Dr. Fariba Mutschler. We also like to give a little bit of a tour of the patient chairs and the equipment that we will use. We have found that when we take the time to do some show and tell a lot of stress is alleviated and sometimes some curiosity is even piqued. When kids are able to get excited about how our tools work it can occasionally trigger a passion for oral health!

We will begin the examination with a set of X-rays so that we can have a comprehensive view of your child’s mouth. These X-rays are mandatory for all new patients. X-rays allow us to see all kinds of dental issues in great detail. We can search for early signs of cavities and even take a look at the adult teeth that have yet to emerge to determine whether they will be impacted or not.

After the X-rays we can begin the professional cleaning portion of the checkup. We will remove plaque and tartar that have built up on their teeth and make sure that their smile gets a clean bill of health!

Once their teeth are nice and clean we will be able to conduct a thorough examination of their mouth. During this exam Dr. Fariba Mutschler checks their teeth for signs of decay as well as a number of others issues including – growths, the progress of teeth coming in, the potential need for orthodonture, etc. Once the exam is done our visit will be concluded.

Helpful Tips

It’s fairly common for kids to be nervous about their first dental appointment. Keeping that in mind, consider not using certain words during the days leading up to the appointment. Words like, “needle”, “hurt”, “shot”, and “drill” might cause them some undue concern if brought up in a context that they don’t understand. At Great Grins for KIDS - Portland, we are happy to help your children understand our every move an are well versed in how to broach these concepts and ideas.
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