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Baby Teeth Matter
Pediatric Dentist Portland

Smiling baby with two small front teeth at Great Grins for KIDS - Portland.Your child’s baby teeth, also called primary teeth, may not seem as important as adult teeth because they are not permanent. This common misconception could not be further from the truth. These teeth are extremely important to your child’s overall health and development. Our team at Great Grins for KIDS - Portland can ensure that your child’s primary teeth are healthy and help your child hit important developmental milestones. We understand the importance of dentistry for kids and the benefits of early dental treatment.

Taking good care of your child’s baby teeth now can save your child from undergoing corrective procedures later. Our team can provide guidance on proper dental development and offer corrective procedures to prevent your child from suffering developmental delays. This all starts with healthy primary teeth and early infant oral care.

Why Do Baby Teeth Matter?

Baby teeth are vital to several developmental processes in your child. They are just as important as adult teeth. Healthy primary teeth will allow your child to properly chew their food. Primary teeth also play an important role in allowing your child to speak.

Baby teeth also act as placeholders for the development of your child’s permanent teeth. They do this by maintaining proper spacing in your child’s jaw. The permanent teeth will utilize this space to begin growing underneath the gums. Without healthy primary teeth, the development of permanent teeth can be negatively affected.

If your child loses their baby teeth prematurely, such as due to decay, our team will have to take additional steps to aid in the development of permanent teeth. One such remedy is the placement of a space maintainer. This “spacer” will maintain the space needed in your child’s gums so that their permanent teeth can properly develop.

Early loss of primary teeth can create compounding issues if not treated. The permanent teeth can develop at improper angles, causing crowding in your child’s mouth. This overcrowding makes it more difficult for your child to brush and floss their teeth and can cost you substantial amounts in orthodontic care to correct these issues.

How to Care for Baby Teeth?

During your child’s first visit, our team will review good oral hygiene practices with you so that you can maintain your child’s primary teeth. As in all stages of life, regular cleanings and exams with our pediatric dentists is important to maintaining good dental health. Our professionals will provide feedback during these visits and give you ongoing guidance in caring for your child’s teeth.

After your child’s first tooth is present, you can begin using a toothbrush. It is important to purchase a toothbrush that is designed for infants. An infant toothbrush will have a small head and soft bristles. It will also have a large handle to protect your child from choking concerns. As your child continues teething, you will continue to brush their additional teeth as they come in.

Initially, you can simply wet the toothbrush with water and gently brush your child’s gums. It is especially important to do this before bedtime to prevent decay. Once your child’s first tooth becomes visible, you can introduce toothpaste to the brushing practices. Our team will review what type of and how much toothpaste to use.

Protect your child’s teeth and development today by contacting our professionals at Great Grins for KIDS - Portland. We can be reached at (971) 470-0054 or you can stop by our office and meet our team.
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Baby Teeth Matter | Great Grins for KIDS | Portland, OR
Our team at Great Grins for KIDS - Portland can ensure that your child’s primary teeth are healthy and help your child hit important developmental milestones.
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