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Floss - what kind?
Posted on 9/14/2015 by Fariba Mutschler
Dentists always tell you to floss but rarely tell you what kind of floss to use.

We give our patients lightly-waxed regular floss because most kids do not have large gaps near their gums or tight contacts between their teeth or rough fillings that cut the floss.

Different types of floss available:

•  thin unwaxed regular floss
•  tape unwaxed regular floss
•  thin waxed regular floss
•  tape waxed regular floss
•  thin slippery floss
•  tape slippery floss
•  super thick fuzzy floss

Reasons to use extra slippery floss:

•  Tight contact between teeth
•  Rough fillings

Reasons to use thicker floss tape:

•  Spaces between teeth that collect food
•  Gaps between the contacting teeth and the gums
•  Difficulty holding the floss

Reasons to use waxed floss

•  Wax helps slide the floss between teeth gently
•  Wax may coat the tooth surface temporarily

Whatever kind of floss you use, just remember to use it regularly! Once a day keep the cavities away.
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