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Space Maintainers
Posted on 7/15/2015 by Fariba Mutschler
A space maintainer is something that holds the space of a lost baby tooth until the permanent tooth can erupt, maybe when they are twelve or older. Space maintainers are usually made with stainless steel bands and wire. A space maintainer will be be removed when the new permanent tooth starts breaking through the gums. If your child likes to eat sticky or hard foods such as corn nuts, ice, jolly ranchers or gummy bears, they will have to be very careful. These types of snacks can get stuck to, bend, or wrap around the space maintainer wire. This would cause the appliance to loosen or break. Also avoid poking or prying at the wire with fingers or their tongue. Periodically having your dentist check the space maintainer insures that it is properly placed. If the spacer breaks or happens to become loose, please be sure to call our office soon so that we can have a chance to decide if the appliance can be reused or if it will have to be remade.
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